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"I would like to thank Carol and Rob for facilitating the calls, and collecting and incorporating feedback into the document in a way that is straightforward and easy to read and understand. It is not an easy task and your talents are much appreciated."

Stakeholder Consultation & Facilitation


Our Stakeholder Consultation & Facilitation services include:


An effective facilitator can make a difference to any kind of planning process. Time and again, our clients are gratified by our ability to listen, consider all viewpoints and guide the group on a path forward.

Stakeholder Consultation

Stakeholder consultation allows everyone’s input into a process, but the critical element is synthesizing the feedback into useful information and insights. After we consult with the various stakeholders, we summarize and analyze and pull it all together – that’s where the true value lies for our clients.

Community Engagement

Communities are made up of diverse voices – some louder than others. We ensure that everyone has a chance to be engaged when moving towards a goal. The result is often refreshing, reinvigorating and motivating for community members.


Sustainable Farm and Food Initiative

Peterborough Agricultural Society Strategic Plan

Strategy. Action. Results.