Our Passion

<div class="text-pic"><a class="alignright" href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-2092" alt="Venn_diagram_SynthesisWebsite (1)" src="" width="300" height="302" /></a>We are committed to helping create a sustainable future for the agri-food sector and rural communities.
Our team members are passionate about agriculture and food, sustainability, and rural and regional development. As these three areas of expertise are interconnected, we are uniquely positioned to provide both an in-depth and big-picture perspective.</div>
<h2><span style="color: #000000; font-weight: bold;">Agriculture &amp; Agri-Food</span></h2>
We have a deep understanding of the agriculture and agri-food sector in Canada, including:
<li>Field crops and horticulture</li>
<li>Animal agriculture</li>
<li>Innovation through technology</li>
<li>Food processing industry</li>
<li>International trade</li>
We care about sustainability and recognize the importance of:
<li>People, planet, profit</li>
<li>Climate change and the environment</li>
<li>Adaptation to change</li>
<h2>Rural and Regional Development</h2>
We believe in developing strong communities through:
<li>Community engagement</li>
<li>Economic development</li>
<li>Regional strategies and planning</li>

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<h1 class="getheight">Our Approach</h1>
The strength of the Synthesis approach is rooted in strategy. We draw on the experience of our team and network to develop strategic solutions that help clients take action and produce results.
Our strategic approach starts with insights from across the agri-food value chain and from rural communities. We provide both local and global perspectives that reflect our vast experience in business, multinational organizations, education, international trade, producer groups and associations.
We believe project management excellence is critical. Once the strategy is set, we build an action plan to get the work done, on time and on budget.
Our reputation is built on getting results and delivering value. We quickly get our feet on the ground to help clients seek understanding, tackle challenges and share knowledge.

Strategy. Action. Results.