Midge Tolerant Wheat e-learning


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MTW E-learning

Since 2008, Synthesis has been working with the Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Team – an industry coalition committed to maintaining the viability of Midge Tolerant Wheat by educating Western Canadian wheat producers on the importance of proper stewardship of the technology. Synthesis provides services ranging from market research and stakeholder consultation to communications strategy and tactic development.

The development of a training program for seed retailers is a critical element of stewardship communications. Retailers of midge tolerant wheat varieties are required to educate farmers on Midge Tolerant Wheat technology and the stewardship agreement that accompanies its use.

In order to meet this objective, Synthesis developed an online training program that is compulsory for all retailers of Midge Tolerant Wheat. The training program is built on an eLearning platform allowing users maximum interactivity and accessibility. Retailers can access the Midge Tolerant Wheat training program on a computer in their office or in the field on their tablet or smartphone.

The training incorporates a built-in quiz to ensure users understand the information. Upon successful completion, retailers receive a Midge Tolerant Wheat Authorized Retailer Number, which must be referenced on all Midge Tolerant Wheat Retailer Agreements.

The training program has been very well received in the industry, with over 460 seed retailers completing the training to date.

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