Strategy in action …

Synthesis worked with the Agri-food Management Institute to develop the AgLean Masterclass program which is designed to introduce Lean principles to farmers and on farm processors.

LEAN is a production philosophy originally adopted in the manufacturing sector to improve process and product performance by eliminating losses and waste . More recently, the agri-food  sector has found success in applying Lean principles to large-scale processing operations. Today, we know how to achieve similar results for farm operations and on-farm processors.

The AgLean program is a customized program for identifying and eliminating root causes of waste on the farm that often get overlooked (e.g. optimizing harvest efficiency, feeding processes, suitability of equipment for farm size, minimizing equipment downtime, etc.)

Through the three and a half days in class program, participants gained hands on and practical training and were introduced to Lean tools which can contribute to increased  efficiency and profit for farm operators. Improving efficiencies, helps reduce time and cost of production and ultimately increase profits.

In addition, the tools were then customized with 2 one-on-one coaching sessions with a certified Lean business expert.

Strategy. Action. Results.