Golden Horseshoe Food & Farming Alliance Asset Mapping


Strategy in Action …

Synthesis worked with the Golden Horseshoe Food & Farming Alliance (GHFFA) to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of agri-food assets in the region and to identify gaps and emerging economic opportunities within its food and farming cluster.


Analysis of Food and Farming Assets in the Golden Horseshoe, September 2015

The data used in the analysis consists of an asset map with over 40,000 records, and a database of economic information including jobs and occupations by NAICS and NOC-S classifications.

The analysis reconfirms that the food and farming sector in the Golden Horseshoe (GH) area is diverse and dynamic, contributing a significant benefit to the region and the overall economy.

The analysis also identified challenges that require additional support as well as many opportunities for economic development. Each of these opportunities to grow the cluster is based on an overarching theme of increasing employment, investment and production value on a shrinking land base, but doing so in a sustainable manner.

The report concludes with recommended strategies that offer significant growth opportunities for the food and farming sector in the GH region.

The Asset Mapping project was piloted in the Golden Horseshoe and later expanded to the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

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