<p><strong>Synthesis Agri-Food Network has an opening for a front-end web developer based out of our Guelph office.</strong></p>
<p>Synthesis Agri-Food Network is a specialized firm providing consultation and communication services to our clients in the agriculture and food industry.</p>

<li>Consulting services include strategic planning, facilitation, stakeholder consultation, market assessments and analysis</li>
<li>Communication services including knowledge transfer of technical information, marketing strategy, and communications campaign planning and tactical execution</li>


We are looking for an experienced web developer for a six-month contract position based in Guelph, Ontario. The position will involve creating new websites and updating existing websites for our clients in the agri-food industry. You will be working with the Synthesis project managers to complete and deploy projects in a timely fashion. The right candidate will enjoy working collaboratively within a team, but also be able to drive forward on projects independently with minimal guidance.

<li>3+ years of experience with the development of websites</li>
<li>Expert knowledge and experience with WordPress and WordPress development</li>
<li>Advanced knowledge in: HTML, HTML5, CSS, PHP, jQuery, and JavaScript</li>
<li>Exceptional proficiency of domain management, hosting, &amp; database management</li>
<li>Proficiency with web-based front-end integration &amp; migration of websites</li>
<li>Technical knowledge in developing compliant web-based applications, including in compliance with Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)</li>
<li>Strong comprehension in Google Analytics and SEO</li>
<li>Understanding of user-centric design and design skills.</li>
<li>Strong comprehension of lean data loading &amp; image optimization</li>
<li>Seasoned in the development of responsive websites</li>
<li>A strong attention to detail with the ability to verify &amp; validate work</li>
<li>Capable of coordinating with other developers</li>
<li>Experience working in an Agency environment is ideal.</li>
<li>A natural curiosity &amp; desire to understand/work across the entire technology stack</li>
<b>Term: </b>July to December 2018 <b></b>
<b>Location: </b>in our office on Stone Road, Guelph, Ontario <b></b>
<b>Required Language: </b>English <b></b>
Please submit your resume and cover letter to info@synthesis-network by June 29, 2018

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