Think Data When Buying or Selling Farmland

When the first yield monitors appeared in combines in the 1990s ag industry visionaries trumpeted the arrival of “precision agriculture” and how it would change the way we farm. From yield and soil maps to available field nutrients this data could create a host of management…READ MORE

Going From The Mailbox To The Inbox

We wrapped up our last blog of 2014 talking about how winners in agriculture and food in 2015 will be those who continually learn, take action and make improvements to their business. There are many simple practices that can play a significant role in setting your…READ MORE

Strategy 2015: Get Ahead & Plan For The Future

As the calendar counts down to 2015, prognosticators are busy painting pictures of what the new year may look like for the agriculture and food sector. If we take a look in the rear view mirror at 2014 there were some surprises, but many of the…READ MORE

AgLean Master Class – where the rubber hits the road for farm efficiency & profit

What can farm business managers learn from watching the evolution of Formula One (F1) race car pit stops over the past 50 years? As this video shows, the typical F1 pit stop in the 1950s took 67 seconds. Fast forward to today and you’ll see how…READ MORE

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