Creating a culture of customer engagement

What does Canadian farming and Canadian football have in common? It’s certainly more than just pigskin says Mark Cohon, former commissioner of the Canadian Football League (CFL). Cohon, who recently stepped down from a successful eight-year stint as the league’s leader and chief architect, recently shared…READ MORE

Three simple steps make strategic planning work for your business

How can you make strategic planning easier and more impactful for your farm or agribusiness? It really comes down to three simple steps – write it down, communicate and keep it simple. The Synthesis Agri-Food Network has been privileged to facilitate a number of strategic planning…READ MORE

Marketing ‘Trust’ Creates Double-Edged Sword For Food Retailers

When Loblaw Companies Limited launched the PC Organic brand it offered consumers choice. They could choose products produced using organic methods or those produced using conventional agricultural practices. Retailer relationships with consumers are evolving rapidly. For many Loblaws’ customers that relationship is now based on trust,…READ MORE

Food Retailers Think ‘Fork To Field’ To Meet Consumer Demand

The term ‘field to fork’ is often used to describe how food originates on the farm and moves up the value chain before landing on the dinner table. But does the term really describe how our modern food system works? Paul Uys, Senior Director of The…READ MORE

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