Want to Build Your Farm Business? Invest in Yourself.

What should you invest in to make your farm or agribusiness more successful? When we pose that question, the conversation typically turns to the need for things like better iron (a new tractor or new combine), or upgrading computers and business management software. Human resources and…READ MORE

It’s time for more eLearning in agriculture

Traditionally, technology transfer in agriculture has consisted of clusters of summer crop tours and winter meetings. That’s when farmers get the scoop on new seed varieties, agronomic developments and new regulations impacting their operation. It`s also an opportunity to update skills and compliance for such things…READ MORE

Livestock production helps municipalities drive economies

Today, many municipal and regional governments are looking for ways to maximize economic activity. In areas where urban expansion continues to consume farmland, governments grapple with the challenge of how to grow and expand their agri-food sectors as the productive land base slowly dwindles. When it…READ MORE

How Can Agribusiness Tell The Farming Story?

For many years agriculture and food communicators have been trumpeting the fact that “we’re feeding the world” as a lead message to consumers in efforts to build support for modern agricultural production methods and technologies. But new research from the US-based Center for Food Integrity (CFI)…READ MORE

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