Social Licence Provides Foundation for Agriculture Growth

In Canada, food and agriculture maintains a unique social license that plays a tremendous role in how we farm and produce food. Social license can be simply defined as a level of public trust that allows farmers and food producers to operate. We’re expected to do…READ MORE

Marketing ‘Trust’ Creates Double-Edged Sword For Food Retailers

When Loblaw Companies Limited launched the PC Organic brand it offered consumers choice. They could choose products produced using organic methods or those produced using conventional agricultural practices. Retailer relationships with consumers are evolving rapidly. For many Loblaws’ customers that relationship is now based on trust,…READ MORE

Make Knowledge Transfer Part of Your Marketing Mix

In agriculture, the traditional marking mix has generally focused on advertising and promotions with some public relations and direct marketing. Vehicles used for communications have mainly included print media, collateral material and more recently, digital and social media. In a recent study conducted by Agri Marketing…READ MORE

Sustainability, how do you rate?

No matter where you look everyone seems to be talking sustainability. Whether it’s magazine articles, news reports or social media, stories abound of how companies are using sustainability to save money and make a difference for their customers. A hot topic among government officials, researchers, and…READ MORE

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