Making Agriculture and Rural Communities Resilient to Climate Change

Are food producers and the people who represent the communities they live in doing enough to prepare for the impacts of climate change? There’s evidence that many people in the farming industry and rural communities have yet to embrace climate concern. In early January, for example,…READ MORE

Social Licence Provides Foundation for Agriculture Growth

In Canada, food and agriculture maintains a unique social license that plays a tremendous role in how we farm and produce food. Social license can be simply defined as a level of public trust that allows farmers and food producers to operate. We’re expected to do…READ MORE

Value Stream Mapping

Do you know how you farm? That’s a question farmers should ask themselves when looking to improve how they manage their operations. One of the ways farmers can answer the question is to create a Value Stream Map (VSM). Quite simply, VSM is a way to…READ MORE

Want to Build Your Farm Business? Invest in Yourself.

What should you invest in to make your farm or agribusiness more successful? When we pose that question, the conversation typically turns to the need for things like better iron (a new tractor or new combine), or upgrading computers and business management software. Human resources and…READ MORE

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